Manage Remotely

With TeamTracker you can manage your entire team remotely without any hassles. Find out what your team members are working on and how they are spending their time with simple clicks.

Increase Productivity

Increase your team's productivity by as much as 40% with TeamTracker. Your employees always know that their online activity is being monitored while they are working. This allows them to put their best efforts.

Monitor Desktops

TeamTracker makes it easy to monitor live desktops of your entire teams all from within the single dashboard. Say goodbye to guesswork and say hello to TeamTracker Desktop monitoring solutions.

Streamline Projects

Allow your team to work effectively within a team and track the progress of multiple projects. Assign projects to the entire team or individual team members. See how much time your team member is spending on each project along with desktop screenshots.

Improve Accountability

TeamTracker helps your employees to take on accountability while working online from remote locations. Knowing that their desktop activity is monitored while logged into TeamTracker, it will help team members to be more accountable.

Client Satisfaction

Improve your client's satisfaction by giving the client access to the individual project and team members working on it. The customer can see the live progress of their projects through reporting and live screenshot views of team members working on the project.

True Collaboration

Enjoy the true benefits of collaboration when using TeamTracker to manage your remote teams with ease. Allow team members to work together on multiple projects and see how they are performing using detailed reporting.

Remove Distance

With TeamTracker your remote teams are not so remote. Access your team members desktop on demand. Provide the support your remote teams deserve and feel as you are right there with them.

Effective Tool

TeamTracker is an effective tool for business to manage remote teams better. It allows you and your clients to view critical information about a project and allows you to provide live feedback to your teams.

Affordable Solution

TeamTracker is designed to be cost-effective so that every size of business can enjoy the benefits of having a truly remarkable technology at their disposal. In fact, TeamTracker pays for itself by improving the productivity of your team and reducing wastage in hourly wages.

Flexible Plans

With TeamTracker you only pay for the number of members of your team. Unlike other, our plans are flexible and allow you to add as many team members as you need and you can always downsize or cancel anytime.

URL Monitoring

TeamTracker allows you to monitor your team members web activity. Find out which websites your team member are visiting the most. With TeamTracker easily monitor your team members online activity.

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