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Q: What is TeamTracker ?

TeamTracker is a simple easy to use tool to track the progress of your remote teams. You can add multiple team members to your team and assign them multiple projects. Once your team members login start using TeamTracker, it can monitor their desktop, capture live screenshots, track their time, monitor internet activity and much more.

Q: How can TeamTracker benefit my team ?

TeamTracker can help you streamline remote team management by giving you full access of the desktop activity of your team members. There are many benefits of TeamTracker, it can increase productivity of your team, give you detailed metrics on progress of each project your team is working on, TeamTracker can address accountability of individual team members, it is cost effective and much more.

Q: How does it work ?

When you invite your team member to TeamTracker, your team memeber signs up and download a team tracker desktop application on his/her desktop. Once installed your team member logs into the desktop application and starts working on the assigned projects. TeamTracker monitors the desktop activity while your team member is logged into the desktop application.

Q: How much does it cost ?

At TeamTracker we offer cost effective and simple plan to all our clients. We charge $5 per team member with unlimited features.

Q: How do i get started with TeamTracker?

It is easy to get started with TeamTracker, simply signup and name your team. You can start inviting your team members to your team and start assigning projects. Within minutes you can start tracking your entire team right away.

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