Knowing that our remote team is taking the right approach and meeting the project requirements, it is important that we have a clear oversight of our remote teams.

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TeamTracker allows use to work with multiple teams on the go. We can use existing team members to work on multiple projects


About AlmeidaVector

Every business person knows that businesses can only grow when they have a recognizable brand. AlmeidaVector helps entrepreneurs and corporates achieve their vision and mission in terms of sales and branding by bringing their designs to life. As is stated on AlmeidaVector’s website, any project is possible when a person has passion. AlmeidaVector puts passion to work in making its customers' customized websites. The firm handles logo, web and graphic designs for its clients, building a visual identity for them. It does this in any type of print and format that its customers request.

Current Challenges & Opportunities

Months after AlmeidaVector tackled its first client, demand for business became so great that the company took on new web developers and designers to help it in the expansion. However, the business still faced a few challenges. For one thing, AlmeidaVector had to handle several projects at once. This proved strenuous to the business because no employees could be spared to deal exclusively in one project. The problem further compounded because each project is valuable to AlmeidaVector thereby choosing between them was not an option. Additionally, some employees did not put in as much work as they could with supervision. It was not possible to monitor each employee because they all worked in different locations. Overwhelmed with the breadth and number of the projects AlmeidaVector was handling, firm management decided to try out TeamTracker.

Solutions Provided by TeamTracker

TeamTracker is an employee monitoring app that helps the employer see what their employees are doing in real-time. The app uses screenshots to show employers what their workers are working on, and time tracking to provide information on what sites employees are visiting. For AlmeidaVector, TeamTracker’s software was a boon for business. The firm could handle multiple projects by monitoring its employees using the app. First, the different projects were divided into tasks that could be handled best by specific employees. The project fragments were then delegated to the variedly gifted designers. With each designer working at what he was best at, AlmeidaVector produced high-quality products. Additionally, the company could complete its projects on time as each employee’s work could be monitored using TeamTracker, and they were prompted to put in more hours when they did not meet company expectations.

End Results

Since AlmeidaVector took up the initiative to use TeamTracker, it has been able to improve the quality of its products. Also, delegating tasks to its employees and being able to monitor them has enabled it to handle streamline its work and handle multiple projects at once, boosting AlmeidaVector’s overall productivity and bottom line.


Number of users

400 (per week)

Number of hours


Increase in productivity


Increase in profits

Favourite Benefits

Affordable Solution

TeamTracker is designed to be cost effective so every size of business can enjoy the benefits of having a truly remarkable technology at their disposal. Infact TeamTracker pays for itself by improving the productivity.

Flexible Plans

With TeamTracker you only pay for the number of members on your team. Unlike other our plans are flexible and allow you to add as many team members as you need and you can always downsize or cancel anytime.

URL Monitoring

TeamTracker allows you to monitor your team members web activity. Find out which websites your team member are visiting the most. With TeamTracker easily monitor your team members online activity.

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