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It is important for Seabit Media to track the number of hours spent on each task within a project. TeamTracker makes it possible.

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By using TeamTracker we were able to increase our team's productivity by 45%.

Shawn bell

About Seabit Media

Seabit Media is an Indian-based web service provision company started in 2005. The company offers various services ranging from web design and content writing, web marketing and e-commerce, graphic, logo and print design to search engine optimization. Though many companies provide these services, Seabit prides itself on the fact that it is one company which can guarantee its clients the best quality work in the least possible time. In fact, the company attributes its continuous flow of customers to its professionalism and ethics. By placing its value on providing customers with efficient, professionally-done services, Seabit Media hopes to grow to serve a wider consumer base from all over the world.

Current Challenges & Opportunities

Seabit Media wanted to become a world-class multinational company but it could not its vision because of one major factor – reduced productivity among his workers. As the company grew and more employees came on board, Seabit Media was unable to ensure their productivity. As services and clients multiplied the company expected its employees to step up and meet the demand of the increased load, but they did not. In fact, some of them even stopped putting in as much work as they used to. The situation proved untenable for the expansion of the small Indian company. Since there was no way to point out what was driving productivity down, the company had to find another way to improve employee productivity. That was when Seabit Media turned to TeamTracker to monitor and supervise its employees.

Solutions Provided by TeamTracker

Using TeamTracker’s desktop monitoring tool, Seabit Media was able to remove all guesswork of what its employees were up to. From the minute they logged onto their computers, employers at Seabit Media could see what their workers did all day long. Seabit Media was also able to track its workers’ online usage thereby discouraging its employees from logging onto Facebook or other sites that distracted them from the projects at hand. Similarly, the firm began utilizing a pay by the hour principle, rewarding the employees who did more work and clocked in more hours as recorded by TeamTracker. The award further went as a motivation to each of Seabit Media’s employees.

End Results

“After using TeamTracker, we were able to improve our productivity by 45%,” Seabit Media reported. The company attributed the rise in productivity to the fact that it was able to supervise the work that employees were doing despite the fact that the team was remotely located. The additional incentive of clocking in more productive hours also pushed the virtual team to complete projects faster and on time, raising their overall productivity. Employee monitoring improves employee efficiency and productivity, as Seabit Media witnessed.


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Favourite Benefits

Affordable Solution

TeamTracker is designed to be cost effective so every size of business can enjoy the benefits of having a truly remarkable technology at their disposal. Infact TeamTracker pays for itself by improving the productivity.

Flexible Plans

With TeamTracker you only pay for the number of members on your team. Unlike other our plans are flexible and allow you to add as many team members as you need and you can always downsize or cancel anytime.

URL Monitoring

TeamTracker allows you to monitor your team members web activity. Find out which websites your team member are visiting the most. With TeamTracker easily monitor your team members online activity.

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