With remote teams working on multiple projects across the globe, it is crucial for DesignEnrich to deliver projects within the timeframe and budget. TeamTracker makes it easy.


TeamTracker helps us streamline our workflow and meet deadlines. Our team functions better with TeamTracker.


About DesignEnrich

Every company has to start somewhere. A company is its brand. What the company sells, what the firm's logo looks like, how its offices look like decorated all ultimately matter to the consumer. These are some of the services that DesignEnrich provides to corporations. DesignEnrich is a company made of professional designers all brought together to give companies the easiest, most affordable experiences coming up with their brand. What DesignEnrich does when firms seek them out is to look at the vision each company has for its brand and help them achieve it systematically. In each project, DesignEnrich encourages their customers to come in and have a sitdown with its employees. Its designers then work with the clients and what their customers want their end products to resemble to come up with logos and other branding symbols that reflect the desired vision. Designing logos is not the only service that DesignEnrich provides. They also dabble in graphic and web design, interior design and product branding. DesignEnrich’s vision is to ensure that their customers get the best experiences when revealing their goods and services to consumer markets. According to the firm, the most important part of marketing products is to get the right message across and that is what DesignEnrich does – it helps clients who are passionate about product design make and sell their ideas.

Current Challenges & Opportunities

One of the biggest problems DesignEnrich faced in the course of handling client projects was streamlining the workflow of its employees. DesignEnrich works with designers from all over the world and that means that sometimes different employees in varying locations have to work on the same project at the same time. Communication between virtual employees in varying time zones was at times difficult, making it nearly impossible for the company to complete project son time, particularly when one team member cannot confirm whether he has completed a particular step in the design process, thereby stalling the project. Problems streamlining workflow with workers across the globe made DesignEnrich seek out TeamTracker. Wary about the efficiency of the time tracking app, DesignEnrich started with TeamTracker’s 14-day free trial. Within no time DesignEnrich fully subscribed to TeamTracker because of the benefits it afforded the business.

Solutions Provided by TeamTracker

With TeamTracker, DesignEnrich could subdivide work and delegate it to its virtual team without fear that the project would stall. After handing a task to a team member, the company could oversee the progress made on the task using TeamTracker’s desktop and internet monitoring tools. Whenever TeamTracker’s screenshots indicated that a worker was almost finished with a phase of the project, DesignEnrich would notify the employee in charge of the next step of the same. This ensured that the company was able to streamline its workflow.

End Results

Streamlining its projects helped DesignEnrich improve on its project delivery times. The company’s teams also worked better because of this, leading to lower turnover and an increased bottom line for the business. TeamTracker not only helped DesignEnrich coordinate its projects more efficiently, it increased its overall profitability.


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Favourite Benefits

Remove Distance

With TeamTracker your remote teams are not so remote. Access your team members desktop on demand. Provide the support your remote team deserve.

Effective Tool

TeamTracker is an effective tool for business to manage remote teams more effectively. It allows you and your clients to view critical information.

Affordable Solution

TeamTracker is designed to be cost effective so every size of business can enjoy the benefits of having a truly remarkable technology at their disposal.

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