Softound’s clients require proof of work along with invoices. With TeamTracker it is easy to share proof of work with clients.

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Proof of work is must for our clients. With TeamTracker helps us build strong relationship with our clients.

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About Softound

Customers these days want to access a business’s services easily. They do not want to have to walk into buildings to get work done. Softound helps businesses meet this requirement from their customers by helping them come up with unique, easy-to-use applications that they can avail to their clients. Softound began as an IT firm that develops open source PHP applications for other companies. They would have a sit-down with the client and talk about which features the client wanted in the app. They would then work within those specifications to create an app that was both distinctive and navigable for their clients. These days, however, the enterprise has expanded its services to providing modifications to existing applications or piling on additional features when their clients desire it. After all, the mission and vision of the company is to provide their customers with the best possible services, to ensure that their clients are always satisfied with the end product.

Current Challenges & Opportunities

One of the first challenges Softound faced was demonstrating to their clients that their end product justified their payday. That meant that the company would have to account for the number of hours each of their employees spent developing the applications, and that was troublesome considering that the company utilized software developers from all over the world. Needing to provide proof-of-work to their customers, Softound turned to TeamTracker for solutions.

Solutions Provided by TeamTracker

The TeamTracker app afforded Softound the opportunity to virtually monitor their employees. Whenever their developers logged onto their computers, Softound was able to follow their activity via the screenshots that TeamTracker sent them every hour. The firm could identify which employees were working. With the time tracking feature, they could even tell how long each developer had spent on the project as well as what sites they had visited in the course of completing their projects. Suddenly, Softound had all the proof-of-work that their customers needed to justify their payments, simply by using the TeamTracker app. They could then bill their clients accordingly.

End Results

The most important part of a project and especially a virtual one is the trustworthiness of every party. Customers want to know that they are paying for the work a company has done. Employers want to verify that their employees have done the work the firm is being paid for. TeamTracker was able to cover both these points, helping Softound account for the time their employees spent developing apps whereas providing proof-of-work for clients. The improved accountability that Softound provided to their clients improved the ties between the two parties. Softound was able to build strong relationships with their clients and in turn broaden their customer base.


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Manage Remotely

With TeamTracker you can manage your entire team remotely without any hassles. Find out what your team members are working on and how they are spending.

Increase Productivity

Increase your team's productivity by as much as 40% with TeamTracker. Your employees always know that their online activity is being monitor.

Monitor Desktops

TeamTracker makes it easy for to monitor live desktops of your entire teams all from within single dashboard. Say goodbye to guess and say hello.

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